History and views of Imperial Anichkov Palace

Anichkov bridge
In the very center of St. Petersburg the old buildings of the Imperial Anichkov Palace spread the doors wide open. An unique monument of history and architecture, the creation of the great architects M.Zemtsov, V.Starov, D.Quarenghi, B.Rastrelli, C.Rossi is the real pearl of Saint Petersburg.
The picture of Anichkov palace
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The first stone palace (photo 1) in the Nevsky prospect for the space of centuries was a precious gift: it was presented to the members of the tsar's family and favorites. The splendid royal balls, magnificent weddings, court intrigues and love tragedies, childhood and youth of the heirs of Russian throne, life of the Great Dukes and Duchesses, the flower of Russian culture - all these saw the old apartments of the Anichkov.
Main faced
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Entering the Parade Yard of Anichkov buildings from the Nevsky prospekt you admire the splendid main facade of Anichkov (photo 2). The Garden Facade looks into the shady garden with two pavillions - the pearls of C.Rossi's architecture (photo 3). How is beautiful the palace in white night!(photos 4,5) Garden
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White night
Photo 4
White night
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Going up the stately staircase you enter the regal halls of the imperial residence, which had a miraculous escape in war-times. The suite of halls, apartments, rooms and cabinets of the Anichkov Palace (Blue, Red, Golden halls (photos 6,7,8), the White-columns Hall (photo 9) and the Concert Hall, the Emperor's Library and Cabinet (photo 10), the charming Winter Garden (photo 11) - everything preserves the spirit of it's royal possessors through XVIII-XX cc...
blue hall
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red hall
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gold hall
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Photo 9
Conference hall
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Winter garden
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The new owners of the palace - the children of St. Petersburg - will meet you in the anscient halls. You will see the unique Fairy-Tales Room (photo 12) - the masterpiece of Palech folk artists. The best choreographic and sense-of-rhythm ensembles, folk, symphony and chamber orchestras, string and accordion groups, brass band, drama and puppet theaters - the collectives of the largest in Europe children's palace - often give concerts in the ancient apartments. The Concert Hall in the ancient palace of the XVIII c. has wonderful acoustics. The suite of apartments, rooms and cabinets of the Anichkov Palace is a wonderful place for assemblies, exhibitions, chamber concerts, conferences and balls! Fairy-Tales Room
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Anichkov was built in 1755 at will of Empress Elisabeth, the daughter of Peter-the-Great. The owners were:

From 1757 - count A.G. Razumovsky, Elisabeth's favorite. Peter III and Katherine II visited him.
From 1776 - G.A. Potiomkin, Katherine II's favorite.
From 1794 - Cabinet of Her Majesty the Empress Katherine II.
From 1796 - Cabinet of His Majesty the Emperor Paul.
From 1809 - the Great Dutchess Katherine (Paul's daughter and sister of Alexander I).
From 1817 - The Great Duke Nicolay Pavlovich (Nicolay I).
From 1856 - The Great Duke Nicolay Nicolaievich.
From 1865 - The Great Duke Nicolay Alexandrovich.
From 1866 - The Great Duke Alexander (Alexander III). Nicolay II's childhood.
From 1894 - The Widow-Empress Maria Fiodorovna (up to 1917).
In 1917 the Palace was nationalized. Since 1936 - the Leningrad Pioneer Palace (now -the St.Petersburg City Palace of Youth Creativity), the largest children centre in Europe.

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The picture of Anichkov palace
Main faced
Photo 2.
Photo 3.
White night
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White night
Photo 5.
Blue hall Red hall Gold hall
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Conference hall
Winter garden
Fairy-Tales Room
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